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Since 2016, Maddie has hosted four series of the hit CBeebies show Maddie's Do You Know? which sees her explore the workings of everyday objects by asking how they are made or work, all made possible with special cameras and animations. Maddie was presented with a BAFTA Children's Award for 'Best Presenter' in 2017 for her role in the show. Due to the continued success of the brand, Maddie also hosted multiple spin-off series, including Maddie, the Zoo and You, Maddie, Space and You, and Maddie, the Plants and You. 

In 2021, Maddie fronted the first beekeeping challenge on British TV in a series for CBBC called Show Me The Honey. A passionate beekeeper herself, she was thrilled to follow four families on their honey-making adventures as they competed in a series of challenges. The series captured the ups and downs of beekeeping - from the joy of receiving bees and harvesting honey to the tribulations of maintaining a hive. The show also saw Maddie delve deeper into the incredible world of bees, touching on wider messages about the environment and conservation.

In 2022 Maddie traveled across the globe filming Make Yourself At Home for Magnolia Network and discovery+. The series features Maddie exploring unique homes around the world and meeting their owners who have dared to dream, build, and live differently. Each episode features three homes and sees Maddie getting stuck in as she takes part in family hobbies, discovers new materials, and tries her hand at construction techniques.

Elsewhere on Cbeebies, Maddie has also worked with the Cbeebies Presents team, performing in live theatrical shows recorded for TV. She has appeared in the Cbeebies Christmas Show since 2017, hosted two Cbeebies Ballets, and starred in the Cbeebies Prom at the Royal Albert Hall in 2019 and 2022.

Additional shows Maddie has presented include Springwatch Wild Academy (BBC iPlayer), The Cloud Challenge (CNBC), Goodwood FOS 'Future Lab' (ITV4), and science items for Blue Peter (CBBC) and This Morning (ITV).

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Maddie's Do You Know?

Learn new things with Maddie as she explores the world around us and discovers how stuff works. From washing machines to ice cream, there's always something exciting to learn! (Cbeebies) 


Maddie, the Plants and You

Join Maddie as she discovers plants from around the world and learns about the different ways we use them and how we can help look after them and our planet. (Cbeebies)


Goodwood Future Lab

Maddie joins a lineup of hosts at the 'Goodwood Festival of Speed  Future Lab' to report on some of the world’s most innovative and forward-thinking visions of future technology. (ITV4)


Make Yourself At Home

Maddie explores unique homes across the globe that reflect their owners' personalities and philosophies for life.


(Magnolia Network and Discovery+)


Springwatch Wild Academy

Maddie hosts 8 live wildlife programs, especially for schools and young people. Maddie meets experts, watches wildlife cameras, and sets challenges all live from Sherborne Park Estate. (BBCiPlayer)


Maddie, Space and You

Maddie goes on a journey into space! Join her as she learns about the planets in the solar system, the life of astronauts, rockets, robots and the International Space Station. (Cbeebies)


Show Me The Honey

Bee enthusiast and Bafta-winning Maddie Moate follows four families on their beekeeping, and honey-making adventures in the first ever beekeeping challenge on British TV. (CBBC)


Maddie, the Zoo and You

Maddie explores how to stay healthy, look after our bodies and understand how they work through the wonderful world of animals. (Cbeebies)


The Cloud Challenge

An 8-part series in which Maddie investigates the latest cloud technologies and challenges technical experts to create and build a cloud-based device, from 3D printing to playing a tune on a guitar! (CNBC- Europe and USA)

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