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Maddie Moate is the host of Cbeebies 'Do You Know?' and BBC's ‘Earth Unplugged’, but did you know she’s also a devoted Beekeeper? Maddie has been making videos about honey bees on her YouTube Channel for the past three years and her beekeeping videos a have amassed over 100,000 views! So, it’s time to bring her love of bees to the stage!

Have you ever wondered how bees make honey? Well, if you buzz loudly enough, Maddie might just let you in on one of the bees best kept secrets; but be warned, honey on toast may never taste the same again!

Maddie takes her audience on a journey through food and science as they learn about foraging, honey production and the importance of bees as pollinators. Ideal for early learners and Key Stage 1, this show will inspire children to think about the natural world whilst involving them in plenty of interactive elements. Expect honey taste tests, fancy dress, silly games and an epic waggle dance finale! 

Busy Bees is a 40 minute show ideal for schools and family festivals, best suited to classroom size audiences or small, intimate stages so that everyone has a chance to get hands on! Meet and Greets can be arranged after the show for photo opportunities with Maddie and the chance to try on a beekeepers outfit!

For bookings and more information please get in touch! 

Watch Maddie's Beekeeping Youtube Videos!