Do You Know? – Brand New Cbeebies Show


Join Maddie as she presents ‘Do You Know?’ a brand new Cbeebies show arriving at the Cbeeebies House on Monday 5th September at 4:30pm!

Do You Know?

Maddie will be hitting TV screens in 2016 with Do You Know? a 25 part kids series which sees her explore the workings of everyday objects by asking how they are made or how they work? backed up by animations (and a mini Maddie!) and special camera technology.

A little different from other CBeebies programs, Do You Know? is routed firmly in reality and has found Maddie filming in over 50 locations across the UK, from factories to farmyards! Asking questions such as “How are wooly hats made?” and “How do fire engines work?”

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Her love of technology lent to the use of special cameras in the show to help better understand the world around us. Using thermal cameras to investigate water boilers, microscopes to study teddy bear stuffing and action cameras to “vlog” inside helicopters! Do You Know? is set to be a whole new look for CBeebies and a really exciting project for Maddie to inspire little minds to stay curious and start engaging in STEM!

Sing Along to the Do You Know? Theme Tune!

If you want to enjoy the show with your little one’s then you can watch Do You Know? on CBeebies iPlayer or…

  • Freeview Channels 121 and 124 (HD)
  • Freesat Channels 608 and 601 (HD)
  • Sky (UK) Channels 614 and 624 (HD)