Saturday Edition – BBC 5 Live Radio

Saturday Edition – BBC 5 Live Radio

For a single wonderful year before the show was sadly taken off air, Maddie joined Chris Warburton and the BBC 5 Live ‘Saturday Edition’ family, as their resident technology contributor.

Every Saturday night on BBC 5 Live, Chris Warburton would present the week’s news, with the quirkiest stories on the web from podcaster Helen Zaltzman and Rory Reid, plus the latest tech news with Maddie.

During her time with the ‘Saturday Edition’ team, Maddie saw huge developments in the world of 3D printing, witnessed the rise of the wonder material ‘Graphene’ and came across some of the most bizarre Kickstarter tech projects out there. Below are some of her favourite moments and stories from the show.

Cyber Olympics

3D Printed Skull


Lego Braille Machine