Norfolk Wildlife Trust – YouTube

Norfolk Wildlife Trust – YouTube

Maddie has always loved British wildlife and has jumped at the opportunity to work with the Norfolk Wildlife Trust on a series of videos for her YouTube channel. Maddie’s family home is in Norfolk and she has spent many years enjoying the local broads, marshes and woodlands, always stopping in at the visitor centres to catch up on their latest discoveries.

The Norfolk Wildlife Trust is the oldest Wildlife Trust in the country and is turning 90 this year! To celebrate they are partnering with Maddie who will be making 9 “wildlife vlogs” about the Trust’s #9for90, Nine species that have been chosen to represent Norfolk’s Nine Living Landscapes. These videos will be posted on Maddie’s YouTube channel but will also be screened in visitor centres and be used for educational purposes across the county!

Each of the videos is titled “Searching for…” and features Maddie and one of  Norfolk Wildlife Trust’s experts out on the reserves searching for some of the UK’s most elusive species. These vlogs are fast paced and fun but are packed with interesting facts on each of the key species! Click on the video links below to take a look!

Searching for Watervoles – Maddie and the Norfolk Wildlife Trust

Searching for the Stone Curlew – Maddie and the Norfolk Wildlife Trust

Searching for Swallowtails – Maddie and the Norfolk Wildlife Trust