BBC Earth Unplugged – YouTube

BBC Earth Unplugged – YouTube

Maddie has been the main host of ‘Earth Unplugged’ – a YouTube channel produced by BBC Digital Studios – since it first started in 2012.

With Earth Unplugged Maddie investigates the conundrums and quirks of our amazing planet by asking BIG questions about the natural world. Always after a challenge her quest for answers has found her covered in leeches, swimming with prehistoric fish and even hatching alligators!

The channel now has in excess of 350,000 subscribers, with many of Maddie’s videos achieving well over a million views! The channel caused such a stir amongst wildlife filmmakers makers that Maddie and the team even received a Panda award from Wildscreen in 2014 for Best New Media.

Head on over to Maddie’s YouTube channel where she has compiled playlists of her Earth Unplugged videos. Here are some of her favourites!

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