Beekeeping with Maddie – YouTube

Beekeeping with Maddie – YouTube

Maddie was first introduced to beekeeping by her Mum! New to the game herself, Maddie’s mum soon called and asked her to help out with the hives (as two sets of hands are often better than one when handling a smoker, hive frames, a scraper tool and vats of sugar syrup). Maddie was instantly addicted and now they manage 5 hives together and make regular youtube videos updating their audience on the challenges and rewards they get from being beekeepers.

Maddie is fascinated by bees and does all she can to get back to her family home and help out with the apiary. She really hopes her videos enthuse other people about honey bees and educate her audience in their importance to the environment.

Maddie’s videos do extremely well amongst the beekeeping community (and an audience completely new to the practise). Unlike a lot of instructional videos online, their beekeeping ‘vlogs’ are light hearted, passionate and full of honest, real moments which grab the audiences attention.

GoPro discovered Maddie and her Mum and asked them to create a video on their behalf for the GoPro Channel. The video titled “Beekeeping with Maddie and her Mum” now has over 145,000 views!

Enjoy the videos below, or to see a full playlist of Maddie’s Beekeeping videos on her YouTube channel.

Beekeeping with GoPro

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