Maddie Moate is a YouTuber and Television Presenter, passionate about Natural History, Technology and Travel. One of the few female “Edu-tubers” in the UK, Maddie has her own successful YouTube channel where she inspires her audience to “stay curious” and explore the awesome world of Science.

Maddie has been presenting online content for the past 5 years and has amassed over 17 million views on her YouTube films across multiple channels. She hosts BBC Digital Studios Earth Unplugged, and has presented for several technology giants including Sony Xperia, Intel and O2.

Maddie has a strong sense of adventure and her constantly curious nature has found her Surfing in Santa CruzHot Air Balooning in Berlin and even Catching Alligators in Oxfordshire?!

Offline, Maddie is a frequent guest on BBC Radio 5 Live where she can be heard talking about the latest viral news, and has most recently been announced as the host of a groundbreaking new CBeebies Show, Do You Know? which sees her explore the workings of everyday objects using special camera technology.

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